About Us

Valdi Cellar 

We are that exclusive drink for that special moment.

Valdi Cellar

Our History

We are a family business, which is dedicated to the production of wines, staples and handmade liquors. We are located in Cuchilla Pereira, an ideal area for planting vineyards located in Rural Montevideo.

Five generations ago our family arrived from Italy and in 1892 the planting of vineyards began. This family tradition was passed from parents to children until today.

Since 1936

In 1936 Hector Valdi comes up with an idea and creates the winery, dedicating himself entirely to the elaboration of wines and performs the first distillation of marc. In 2002 Jorge Valdi renews the distillery and begins to make staples and liquors, among which stand out the staple with honey, orange liqueur and tannat liqueur. These drinks are made in an artisanal way.

About Cellar 

Bodega Valdi is a family business with more than 5 generations of experience in the production of wines and artisan staples.

Craft tradition

Our respect for tradition allows us to carry out Italian artisan processes that give rise to our delicious wines and staples. Without leaving aside the new technologies so that they have the highest quality and excellence.

In Bodegas Valdi we care about the health of our customers and therefore we do all our production with natural products, without preservatives or chemical essences.

100% Natural

Quality and excellence

Our first quality natural products and passion for the production of wines and staples, allows us to offer you a Uruguayan artisanal drink of the highest quality so that you can enjoy at home, meetings, and the best gastronomic centers in the country.

Our personalized attention allows us to listen to each of your needs, to provide a warm service with a solid base in communication, mutual trust, thus generating your full satisfaction and security.

Warmth and Trust

Our distillery

Discover our winery.

Our Values

Respect and commitment

At Bodega Valdi we believe that traditions, respect and commitment are fundamental to carry out a product of excellence.

Health and Family

We are convinced that family and health are fundamental pillars for the development of people. That is why at Bodega Valdi we take care of our customers by making our drinks with natural products and artisanal elaboration.

Valdi Cellar

Mission and Vision

We work with dedication so that our customers can enjoy a delicious artisanal drink of excellent quality because we believe that caring for health is essential to increase our quality of life.

We are Bodega Valdi

A traditional, family and professional Uruguayan company that is dedicated to the production of wines and artisanal staples, with 100% natural products.

We elaborate our drinks in an artisan and efficient way so that our customers can enjoy a delicious quality drink.

We love to know what your needs are, in order to elaborate this exclusive drink that you want to share with your loved ones for that special moment.

Valdi Cellar